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The Home of CELEBRITY Endorsements

Ever since Josiah Wedgwood leveraged royal patronage for his brand of pottery, more than 200 years ago, celebrity endorsements have proved an effective advertising strategy for building strong, customer-oriented brands.

Numerous studies on the performance and effectiveness of celebrity-led advertising campaigns have been conducted and, taking into consideration the multi-faceted nature of such deals, the results have been extremely positive; we have seen brand campaigns that have exceeded all expectations, by any measure of success, in practically every sector of industry.

At Celebrity Agent, our experienced group of celebrity agents understand the value that celebrity endorsements have for building brand equity, working closely with our clients to provide them with more effective and influential endorsement campaigns. We can help advise you on everything from choosing the right celebrity to the costs of engaging your chosen celebrity.

Our commitment is to ensure you get the most out of your chosen brand champion, which means we’re with you every step of the way, advising you on how to get the most impact from your celebrity. We also take the hassle out of the more routine tasks like booking your celebrity’s transport and accommodation.

We also specialise in crisis management, so should your celebrity fall ill at short notice or have to go into hiding after a tabloid scandal, we’re never more than a phone-call away from providing you with a well-suited replacement.

We always look forward to working with new businesses and showing you why we’re regarded as the go-to agents for all things celebrity endorsement related. Contact us now on our international or UK line to find out more.